How to care for your Copper Jewelry and Accessoires

Copper is a beautiful natural material that offers the lovely  pink hue that people look for in rose gold without costing a  fortune.   

For some people, however, copper can leave a strange tint  of green on your skin. This is actually normal and nothing to be concerned about health-wise.  Copper reacts naturally with salty sweat and begins to  develop a green patina. The green stain on your wrist or finger isn’t an allergic reaction caused by copper reacting poorly with your skin, but from the patina simply staining your skin. Some people’s reaction to copper cannot be predicted. Some people will have no  problem wearing copper, and others will.  The green stains can be washed off with soap and water. Otherwise, you will notice that  they are absorbed overnight by your body.   

To maintain the pink color and shine of your copper jewelry, polish your copper pieces  with the polishing pad that is included in your order. This will help to ensure the longevity  of your piece by wiping away all the sweat and oils the copper jewelry has collected  throughout the day.                                         


How to put your cuff bracelet on and take it off                                      

To put your bracelet on or take it off simply turn your wrist vertically and slide it through the opening of the cuff bracelet. Do not put pressure on your wrist or bracelet to avoid injuries to yourself or damage to your jewelry. If you find the opening not wide enough please follow the instructions on how to adjust the cuff bracelet.                   

How to adjust your cuff bracelet   

Please read this entire section before making any adjustments to your aluminum bracelet  cuffs!   

Many cuff bracelets are adjustable thanks to the properties of metal in general.  They can be opened or closed up to about a 0.5 cm larger or smaller.                                                                                                                                    Do not put the aluminum bracelet on your wrist and squeeze it. Squeezing the cuff puts  all of the stress on the center of the bracelet and can weaken and eventually break it. The types that are NOT easily adjustable are those that are made from very thick, heavy  metal or those with inlaid stones across the entire front and sides. Be very careful when  you adjust it so you don’t make it an odd shape or damage it.  If you bend an area of your bracelet where there is a stone or inlay, you might pop out the  stones because while the metal may be bending, the stone is not, breaking the bonds that  hold it in place. 

However it is really quite simple to adjust a cuff bracelet without damaging it. With the bracelet off of your wrist, encircle one hand firmly over the last stone on one end of the bracelet and make your adjustment by bending this  portion of the bracelet. Bend gently and adjust a little each time. Do the same on the  other side.  Remember, some aluminum bracelets are not adjustable at all. Those that have stones or inlay all of the way to the ends are not considered adjustable. Those that are made of very  heavy silver would be very difficult to bend and are also considered not adjustable.