How to choose the right bracelet or cuff size?


You’ve found the perfect bracelet, and now you need to make sure it fits.
There are two easy methods you can follow to determine your bracelet size.

1) The paper method :

Take a plain, thin strip of paper and lay it on your wrist, just below the wrist bone. Wrap the strip around your wrist (don’t do it too tight! it should sit as tight as you would like your bracelet to) and use a pencil to mark where the paper overlaps. Now measure the paper, up to the line you just marked, with a ruler or tape measure. This is your bracelet size.


2) The tape measure method :

Take a flexible tape measure and measure around your wrist, just below the wrist bone, letting the tape measure sit about as tight as you would like a bracelet to sit. How big is your wrist? That’s your bracelet size.

Please choose the chain length size that is closest (1 size up) to your preferred chain length.


If you have found a lovely Cuff you would like to order please follow the above instruction BUT as a cuff is an open bracelet we will will be adjusting the length accordingly.