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All Collars are handmade by me using quality materials such as Biothane, 550 Paracord, or Grosgrain Webbing.

I use different types of buckles out of metal or strong plastic as well as welded D and O Rings for tags and lead attachment.

Most collars are a once-off design but if you see a make you would like to have for your dog which isn't available in the size you need please get in touch.

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Why choose a Biothane collar?

Biothane is a very robust material for dog collars and leads. It is made from powder-coated polyester webbing, is waterproof and super easy to maintain. Biothane dog collars are ideally suited for dogs that love the outdoors, for dogs that are aggressive and are rough with stuff, chew their collars and manage to break their dog leash or collar. Biothane is an excellent alternative to neoprene and leather as it is softer, less expensive, and more flexible. Biothane will not break down quickly like other materials. It is comfortable enough for everyday use and durable enough for any activity.


Choosing the right buckle matching your dog

Buckles are an essential part of your dog’s collar. The choice of buckle style would depend upon your dog requirements, activities, the material of the collar and your personal preference. Here is what you must consider while choosing the buckle style for your dog’s collar.

Metal Buckles

The metal buckle is stronger and more secure than the plastic version. They are better for dogs who are more agile and energetic and dogs that are strong on the lead.

Plastic Buckles

They are easy to use, lock and unlock but not very secure. They wear out quickly and can get brittle in cold temperatures and lose cohesion in hot weather, making them not an ideal choice for outdoor pets.